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Zen Den @ Fort Road Station Has Arrived!

We are so pleased to share that the completion of the second Zen Den in an EMS station has arrived! This is exciting news for us and our first responders who will be sharing this new relaxing space and those working out of the station. 

 Zen Dens’ are created with the intention to help bring proactive wellness modalities such as yoga, meditation, art therapy and aromatherapy to the forefront of our first responder groups who are at high risk for psychological injuries. These spaces allow the opportunity for our EMS members to ground themselves before or after their shift, following a difficult emergency call, or after a Prolonged Exposure therapy session while they are transitioning back to work from a psychological leave.

The Zen Den @ Fort Road EMS station and the furnishing of an additional meeting room was a unique project as it homes many return to work employees. The staff requested a space that was functional, offering a relaxing atmosphere to invite vulnerable conversations, and the ability to work with the member through a team approach with a Reintegration member and an Occupational Therapist. This is why this specific space that EMS Peer Support & Wellness Solutions had the opportunity to sponsor is so near and dear to our hearts.  We recognize just how important it is to get our EMS members back to a healthy place; one where their emotional, physical and psychological health is strengthened.

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