Morale Project- the gift that keeps on giving!

Janeene Bateman and Khanh Nguyen from Edmonton EMS spent countless hours and a ton of effort building a morale project focused at spreading some love and appreciation towards their EMS family who have been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic.

Janeene and Khanh as well as a few others went to work creating a beautiful video of EMS practitioners holding up signs and explaining why they love being a paramedic to bring them back to their why. Their goal was to remind every EMS practitioner just how valued and appreciated they truly are.

You would think this would have been amazing enough! However, they didn’t stop there …

Janeene and Khanh have presented EMS Peer Support & Wellness Solutions with a gift of $1000 to continue to drive our work in supporting the EMS practitioners within the Edmonton Zone.

We are so deeply honoured and appreciative of these two amazing people, what they have done for their peers, profession and their generous donation. A heartfelt Thank you to all those involved and Janeene and Khanh for spearheading this wave of love.

Check out the morale project video below!

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