EMSPSWS Honoured to Support the 7th EMS Alumni Breakfast!

These events although may seem small and insignificant hold deep value and meaning for so many. As EMS practitioners transition out of the career for one reason or another, they are often left with the sight and sounds they experienced on the job. These event allow for those individuals to reconnect with many of their peers they spent a large amount of their lives with. The shift work results in Christmas, Birthdays, and special moments like their children’s first soccer game being missed. Often more time is spent with your EMS partner, then with ones families and that is why EMS also becomes your family. So from the outside these events might look like an ordinary breakfast, but to those attending it is so much more. EMSPSWS was honoured to be able to be a part of this amazing reunion and be witness to the comeradery, emotions and heartfelt gratitude for the event. A special thanks to Legacy Place Society for offering gifts for the draw, OSI-CAN and Quiltsforeverydayheroes for helping EMSPSWS wrap our members Retiring in love.

It was an privileged to partner with Quiltsforeverydayheroes to wrap our EMS members in love and to acknowledge their transition into Retirement. This is a big deal as some studies have shown only 4% of EMS practitioners’ make it to Retirement!
More then 70 Alumni in attendance at the breakfast sharing many stories, laughs and deepening the sense of community connection.
We were fortunate have OSI-CAN present on their Peer Support groups that are offered to First Responders as a resources and place to connect outside of the profession and their organizations formal Peer Support teams. These groups are informal, but structured Peer Support groups held monthly at local Legions and are doing amazing work. Check them out @ https://www.osi-can.ca