It’s a BIG day for EMS Peer Support & Wellness Solutions

MLA Searle Turton present EMS Peer Support & Wellness Solutions with more then a smile!

Today was a special day not only for EMS Peer Support & Wellness Solutions, but for the EMS practitioners who continue to work diligently at supporting their communities. It is because of their dedication and commitment to supporting the citizens of Alberta that EMS Peer Support & Wellness Solution continues to drive their Mission forward. To promote and foster First Responders well-being and community connection through Peer Support initiatives and preventative psychological wellness programs.

We were absolutely honoured to be presented with Community Initiatives Program (CIP) Grant cheque by MLA Searle Turton.

A special thanks to Ron Orr and the Government of Alberta for the amazing opportunity to help build a foundation that will continue to support our EMS practitioners for years to come.  

And last but most definitely not least, a huge thank you to our amazing Grant Writer Katie Lehane for all her wonderful work in helping us with these amazing opportunities. 

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